Steve Buchanan Florida

Previous Owner of Gasoline Retail Sites

About Steve Buchanan Florida

Steve Buchanan Florida, renowned for his hands-on, solution-focused approach, may have retired from his career in auto mechanics and performance diagnostics, but his passion for mechanical vehicles remains undiminished. His expertise not only encompasses a deep understanding of vehicles but extends to operating them with skill.

Tenure On Mr. Mechanic

A highlight of his career was the creation and hosting of the popular radio show Mr. Mechanic. Broadcasting on Omaha's News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM, it became the city's most enduring local program. Each week, Steve would dedicate an hour to answering listener queries about everything automotive – from maintenance tips to complex repair advice. The show, which took off in 1988 and graced Saturday mornings, saw him at the helm for over a quarter of a century. His vast knowledge rarely met a question he couldn't answer. The show also occasionally featured two guest hosts from his Service Centers and the car expert, Dr. Mark Grabow.


Beyond radio, Buchanan is an accomplished entrepreneur. He successfully established and grew a multifaceted business that combined fuel services, auto mechanics, and a convenience store. His exceptional skills mark his entrepreneurial journey as an auto mechanic and diagnostician. Additionally, he is adept as a pilot and boat captain, showcasing his versatility in managing different types of vehicles.


In his leisure time, Steve continues to engage in engine diagnostics and repairs, treating it as a cherished hobby. His love for mechanics extends beyond cars; he takes pleasure in piloting speed boats and flying airplanes, finding joy in the thrill of high-speed travel, whether it's on water or in the sky. Living beachside complements his adventurous lifestyle perfectly.

Personal Life

His roots trace back to Sioux City, Iowa, though he spent a significant part of his life in Omaha. His retirement has led him to the warmer climes of South Florida, where he enjoys the company of family and friends.

Philanthropic Efforts

Throughout his life, Steve Buchanan has consistently engaged in philanthropic endeavors, mainly focusing on healthcare services. In Omaha, he devoted time and resources to the local Children's Hospital, a facility offering comprehensive care, including primary, specialty, urgent, and virtual services. His support also extended to the Nebraska Humane Society's Omaha branch, an organization dedicated to animal welfare. In Florida, his philanthropic spirit continues through support for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. This esteemed health system, with a history spanning over a century, has various campuses, including one in Jacksonville, FL, and is renowned for its comprehensive care and educational efforts.